Has your growth been mostly by word of mouth referrals?

Social Media is the fastest growing method to increase one's exposure.  More content is created in any given month than through the entire 16th century.  People are now connected on all devices all the time and share everything.  News companies are now hiring workers to strictly watch Twitter for breaking stories.  People now trust the word of a total stranger when reading a review or recommendation on social media as though that person was a life long friend.  If you are not adding to the content or monitoring your reputation you are not doing yourself justice. 

Goldenberg Marketing uses a unique community oriented approach that will allow social media to become a self-sustaining referral engine.  The growth that can be achieved through social media has a higher potential ROI than any other outlet.  There are many different social media sites and each serves a purpose.  It is vital to know how each outlet should be used to ensure maximum exposure and recognition.  Social media should be used to compliment every active marketing plan while having its own individual goals and initiatives for your business.  Together we will define these goals and create a plan to turn your real community into a digital community.

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